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Our Mission …

  Is to provide you with a relaxed and comfortable stay and to help you recharge your batteries in the peace and calm of our hotel. To help you create memories and start your own adventures that can be told as stories in years to come. From the comfort of the hotel to allow you to engross yourself in the beautiful landscape in which we are situated.


If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we have some incredible, beautiful and remote places in the UK, the Borrowdale Valley being one of them. Many vacationers prioritise mental health and almost half of travellers these days want to use their holidays to focus on their mental wellbeing and unwinding from the fast pace of everyday life. Escapist holidays are the trend for 2024. In a post-pandemic world, there is a stronger awareness of the need to cherish the great outdoors and to look after our health and wellbeing.


Remote hotels like the Royal Oak with its authentic, historic charm and rural surroundings offer a change from reality and routine and can provide an escape into a different mindset, detached from everyday anxieties. It’s good for the mind, body and soul to connect with nature and enjoy the slower pace of life, unwind and have a new perspective on life. Soak up the views on the fells and breathe in the tranquillity.


  We hope to achieve this whilst also being conscious of our carbon footprint and wherever possible bringing the sustainable option into what we do.


  Localisation is our key to this responsibility, and we are using local suppliers where we can to reduce transport impact as well as to ensure freshness of the food and to help maintain our local companies here in the Lake District. We also look to use sustainable products for our hotel such as buying goods made from recycled materials. Our new vegan pillows are an example of one of our conscious purchases - these pillows are made from recycled bottles that have been reformed into the same comfort as a feathered pillow! In terms of our refurbishment, our interior designers have upcycled materials and incorporated them into the heart of our decor, such as the reclaimed plank tables and reusing some of the cherished original furniture.

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Eating and Drinking
Eating and Drinking Door Step and Local Walks

Eating and Drinking

We’re looking for the best of local products to bring to you during your stay.

Door Step and Local Walks

We understand the need to reset, take a step back, and explore.

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